Monday, November 30, 2009

Izzy as Hobbes

Izzy's awesome cousins made her this ferocious blanket.
(She is only pretending to be surprised.)

Thanksgiving, woo!

Matt and I made these tur-cookies for our Sunday School class.
It is a whole flock of delicious and festive.

Friday, November 13, 2009

hooray oxy clean!

This is the last picture taken of me in my nice white sweater. Mere moments later, Izzy made such a good poop that it could not be contained. Neither of us were expecting this; she surprised herself so much that she jumped straight up. I had a mustard yellow trail down the front of my shirt to prove this. Good thing we were about to have a family portrait taken! Fortunately a spare shirt was found, and Izzy miraculously missed her own dress. Good times ensued.

alien hand syndrome... the logical reason for why Izzy keeps hitting herself in the face.

Here it is in action:

...and here the darn thing is trying to get her in her sleep:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

fat baby

We've been working hard on getting our baby up to a fighting weight, and I'm proud to say that at two weeks old she is over 7 pounds. Now that she's got the eating thing down we'll concentrate more on the sleeping thing. We don't expect her to sleep through the night, but any sleeping she can manage at night would be greatly appreciated.

Also, it is very difficult to type one-handed when you also can't see the keyboard. I apologize for any typos because they make my baby sad.