Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stream of Consciousness

So...I am really into playing Scrabble via facebook these days.  And winning at it, let's be honest.  I get sad when my letters don't play well together.

In honor of the fall season I am thinking about doing a pumpkin craft, but I haven't gotten around to it.  I like making things but I have to be really in the groove in order for it to happen.  Also I am afraid to go to the craft store to pick up the things I need because I always (always always) end up buying more than I planned and then I feel sheepish and ashamed.

I dyed my hair a vibrant red and so maybe I should be a matchstick for Halloween.  One that is on fire.  But then what would Matt be?  What goes with a flaming matchstick?  Maybe a marshmallow or something.

Izzy had a birthday (yay for being two!) and we got a Costco cake.  We have enough cake to last until Matt's birthday in January I think.  But since I love cake so much we'll probably get more anyway, and then we'll get fat.  I believe there is a correlation.

Bloopity bloo, blog for you!  That's my poem for the day.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's cold outside.

I am very disappointed in the snowing that happened here this week.  Not because I dislike snow, but because I love the autumn.  I don't mind bundling up, I just prefer to actually be warm after I do so.  October, redeem thyself!

Anyway, the cold kind of caught me by surprise (because I rarely read the weather forecast) so I don't have a whole lot of indoor activities planned for the tiny one and me.  We go on short walks and then come inside to read books and be goofy.  Yesterday we watched a super cheesy Care Bears movie and ate popcorn, in the middle of the afternoon.  Later we watched youtube videos about phonics for an extended period of time.  Now I have songs stuck in my head like, "A a-a-apple, B b-b-ball," and so forth.  At least I know all the words.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Use those skills!

I have been super busy with basically two things: Webelos and Korean.  Strictly speaking, they have nothing in common with one another.

Matt and I are Webelos Den leaders now.  Pretty much I had no idea what that involved until I actually became one.  Now I'm all like, "I looked through everything and planned it all out so that the boys can earn 20 badges in 12 months.  We have to know all the things."  Maybe I'm a little crazy?  Whatever.  This month we're going to work on the Scientist badge which you KNOW will involve some awesome experiments and probably a rocket, and maybe I will FINALLY figure out how Bernoulli's Principle actually works.  And who doesn't love Sir Isaac Newton?  Motion, yeah!

As for the Korean, I was reading a friend's blog where she said she became obsessed with this show called "Playful Kiss" and so I had to check it out and then I became a little obsessed.  Matt totally served a mission in Korea, too, so he knows all about the language.  I have a textbook and Matt is helping me out a lot.  I've learned how to read the writing system (FINALLY my linguistics minor comes in handy) but the rest is still pretty overwhelming.  I can say a few words, though, like, "Hello!" and "Thank you," and "Stupid."  Oh, and "Why you gotta be like that?" and "Poop."  Just the important stuff so far.  We even learned how to make kimbap (Korean sushi).  Yum.  That's right.  Obsessed. 

I am having an excellent time.