Sunday, March 18, 2012

We only have a fish, so I guess we're not really farmers.

Most of this week has been so nice and pleasant that Izzy and I have been spending hours outside each day, working on our farmer's tans.  We have made excellent progress.  We spend most of our time in the following ways: stealing rocks from the neighbors, looking at and then running away from bugs (all of which are either "butterflies" or "spiders"), shouting "Help help!" before going down the slide, and chasing each other either with sticks or fingers ready for poking.  Basically we have the best life.

Some of our neighbors have dogs and therefore lots of dog poop.  I make sure to caution Izzy not to touch it and she has been very obedient.  Now when I help her on the potty she says to me, "Don't touch my poop, Mommy!"  Thankfully, I haven't had to for at least a month.  Boom!  Potty trained!

In my spare time I am on a city league basketball team with some other ladies from my neighborhood.  I did not play basketball in high school, or anywhere else for that matter.  We have been playing for a couple of weeks and I still barely know what I'm doing.  I always thought that basketball was supposed to be a no-contact sport but apparently I was wrong; the butt is very important and you push it at other people like crazy.  Anyway, so far I haven't made any baskets for our team, but I haven't made any for the wrong team either.  You win some, you lose some (in theory, anyway).