Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New post, new baby

Wow, it's been ages, right? It's been so long since I last blogged that they changed the whole posting format and everything looks weird now.  I'll figure it out, though, and if I don't then this won't post and no one will ever know of my incompetence.  Except for my husband; I tell him everything and then he tells me he loves me.

The biggest difference in my life between now and then (then being the last time I bothered to write anything here) is the Ada lady.  She is our two month old bundle of baby and sometimes she has jowls.  Yay!  The short format of her birthing story goes like this:  They decided to induce me two weeks early due to some potential problems that never surfaced, labor went quickly but hurt a lot since I went natural, and Ada was born wearing the cord like a pink bandolier and crying.  The longer version includes things like I forgot to eat lunch before arriving at the hospital, so I was super hungry for most of labor.  When I stopped being upset that they wouldn't bring me a sandwich that's when I knew things were getting serious.  It's hard to be hungry while in enormous pain.

Life is good for us.  Ada is a sweet girl, Izzy is a good big sister, and I am figuring out how to do crafty and kitcheny things, like making bread and bows.  Maybe I will try and combine the two, and make a bow out of bread?  It would probably be delicious.