Thursday, May 26, 2011

I've missed you too.

It has been a somewhat unusual week.  My brother has been in town, but visiting us means also visiting various lady friends, so we actually haven't seen that much of him.  Enough to remember how much I like him, though.

I have been sick (cough cough sneeze).  Izzy has been sick (whine whine poke).  We have done a lot of snuggling and movie watching.  There are worse things.

Matt has been working working working, and we have sorely missed him.  But now he is pretty much back to regular hours AND it is a holiday weekend, so we will paint some of our house (oh yes) and probably eat some popsicles outside and it will be wonderful.

Painting is an adventure.  It turns out we have a lot of house and only two of us.  Well, generally not even that many since Izzy counts as a negative person so far as productivity is concerned.  So if you are looking to spend some quality time with either a very small person or a regular sized roller brush, contact me here, in the comments!*

*People I do not actually know in real life need not apply.


Sahara said...

Maybe Adam and I could come down early on Monday and help you guys paint? I will see what he is up to.

imemary said...

That would be super awesome!

Jon said...

Everyone who has helped you paint so far, especially on the first part... is super duper awesome. You're pretty cool too.