Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Refashionable lady

I stumbled across a couple of blogs where the authors make use of their sewing skills and keen eyes to turn ugly/too big/all around wonky clothes into marvelously fashionable clothes.  This is something that I would lovelovelove to be able to do.  So I am.

First off, I had this shirt.

I got it from the Salvation Army in high school, but hadn't worn it in years. I thought it could become a much more attractive shirt if I took it in and shortened the sleeves, BUT I made a few mistakes and ended up with this:

Obviously, I now have a super cool vest.  One that will probably become a beloved addition to the dress up box, as soon as we get ourselves one of those.

Next, I had these shorts:

My mother-in-law gave them to me, because she is a very thoughtful lady.  But they had no butt pockets and made me feel sort of frumpy, so I couldn't see myself wearing them very often.  Since they are such a pretty blue, though, I didn't want to waste them.

Et voila, I turned them into a skirt!

I embroidered a pretty yellow border around the hem, just to jazz them up a little.

Attempt number the second at refashioning turned out much better than the first.  This is probably because after the first flop I payed WAY more attention to the measure-twice-cut-once rule.  It is deceptively important.


Meredith said...

oh my gosh! you rock! LOVE what you did and how cute is your little one? wow! :)

KHK said...

So, after I read your blog yesterday, I was quietly walking down the streets of my fair city, minding my own business, and YOUR SHIRT walked by. True Story.

KHK said...

Also, love the skirt.

Miriam said...

Mary, you're hot.
And I dig the obviously cool vest! Just work it! The skirt is great. And man I'm getting that itch to chop my hair. But do I dare??!!?!?!
Probably not.

I Study Sticks said...

This doesn't have anything to do with fashion, but those Dinosaur Comics... Gold!!

michelliebean said...

oh snicker on the mother in law frumpy shorts. They make a FABULOUS skirt though and love the embroidery!! Huzzah!