Thursday, March 5, 2009


Matt defended his thesis today. It was titled, "Design of a Continuous-Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar System with Analog Dechirp." I sat through the defense just marveling at how intelligent and good-looking my husband is, because I don't really know anything about radars. However, apparently he really did know what he was talking about because he passed. He'll do some editing on the paper, then submit it through the rigamarole of getting a copy published in the library. How exciting! And once that last stamp goes on his thesis, for all intents and purposes he will have finished his master's degree. Brilliant. :D

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KHK said...

A person I am very close to informs me that he would be very interested in reading this thesis because he happens to be very interested in such things and the proposed applications of such things. Who knew?