Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random update

Matt has started to give me piano lessons. I am not very good at practicing, so far. But I will at least get better once we get a metronome. It turns out I have a very poor sense of rhythm. I can do a C major scale with my right and left hands, but not at the same time.

On St. Patrick's Day I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time. There were also potatoes and carrots. All participants agreed that it was delicious.

In other St. Patrick's Day news, I hear that the holiday is being changed to "Happy Shamrock Day." Apparently some folks are offended by the "St. Patrick" part, due to its religious connotations. So...instead of changing the name I think they should just not celebrate. They can vent using good old-fashioned boycotting (a term that coincidentally originated Ireland) instead of this cruddy PC action. Woohoo St. Patrick for that thing you did that made you a saint and which we proudly celebrate! Something to do with snakes, I think.

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Holly Noelle said...

Wow...Shamrock day? What a joke. Almost all holidays have religious undertones (usually Christian and Pagan). It doesn't bother me.