Wednesday, September 23, 2009

baby room photos

Matt and I bought a new camera, which I am quite excited about. I don't know very much about photography and neither does Matt, but at least we now have a nice camera to document some important events that are up and coming. It would be tragic for our first child's life to be undocumented due to our laziness. Indeed.

So, there's not a baby to take pictures of yet, but there are other things. Here is the baby's room:

Matt and I totally made those yellow curtains. Booyah!

When baby looks up from her crib, this is what she'll see:

Or maybe this:

Actually, there are quite a few fish to choose from.

Yup, she'll just be sitting in her happy little world...

...which resembles prison for her own safety.


Aubrey said...

I LOVE that room! Well DONE! By the way, aren't you due in less than a month? How are you? I miss you and I am thinking about you.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Somebody went to Ikea. :)

jill said...

The duck pillow looks AWESOME but those blocks are even awesomer. But the whole room looks great. How exciting. If my mom saw your mobile she would be so happy because one of her pet peeves is when a mobile has little characters looking out instead of down at the baby.