Tuesday, September 8, 2009

flashback to August

So, one cool thing Matt and I did last month was spend a week in Washington D.C. Our plane skirted a lightning storm on the way there, which was much better than flying through it. Snappy-flashy lightning! Woo!

Last time we were in the area it was February and I was just starting to feel the effects of morning sickness. Also it was freezing the entire time. This time around I was nausea-free but considerably larger. We didn't take in as many sights because Matt was pretty busy with work and the humidity made walking around less pleasant. However, I did insist on seeing the National Zoo since our hotel was fairly close by. This is pretty much how the zoo went:

(click picture to enlarge, because it is better that way)

Yup. On the plus side, I did get to see a pygmy hippo and baby really liked the small mammals house.

On an unrelated note, today I discovered I have three followers. I did not even know this thing! So, hello you folks!


Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

You're adorable.

And I'm a follower! :)

KHK said...

I do love your artwork. Your stick people are utterly charming.