Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tiny evils

Food storage-wise, Matt and I have quite a few buckets of wheat. However, in the event of a catastrophe we would probably still starve because I don't really know much about turning raw wheat into food. So now I'm baking bread for practice. We'll see if it turns out delicious.

Anyway, so today I'm baking bread from wheat that we ground ourselves and have stored in an airtight plastic container awaiting use. I also have some bread flour from way back in the day when I used to make bread more often. Apparently that was a long long time ago because guess what I found? That's right! Weevils! A whole little pile of them had gnawed their way into the bottom of the sack, and I hadn't noticed because...I'm unobservant or something. So that's a (small) bag of flour wasted because even though my dad says bugs are a good source of protein, I probably won't be baking with it. Fortunately they can't (didn't?) eat through plastic.

Weevils must be magical wee beasties, though, because I don't know how they got there. One of life's littler mysteries, I suppose.

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Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

We LOVE this no-knead bread recipe. We use it for pizza dough, bread bowls, etc.

If you get the book they tell you how to make even more stuff out of it, like cinn. rolls.