Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holidays are ALMOST happening.

Christmas is in two weeks, guys!  I'm pretty excited.  We have a Christmas tree with twinkly lights, mint candies, and five pounds of Danish butter cookies.  (Thank you Costco!)

There are a couple of reasons I love this time of year.  Here they are in list format:

1.  Usually I head home to Washington and get to see all my family folks.  This year, though, we're staying in Utah.  It will be my first Christmas away from my homeland (...state...whatever) and I'm a little sad, but I'm also plenty eager to see what our little family will get up to.  It's high time to start some traditions of our own.

2.  Christmas is about Jesus!  Specifically, it's about His birth, and that means nothing bad has happened to Him yet in any of the stories we tell.  He's just a wee baby, come to save the world, and some sheep were there.

3.  Presents!  I like getting presents, but I think I enjoy having an excuse to give them even more.  Lots of times I see something and I think, "This would be awesome for What's-Her-Face!"  Now I have a reason to give it to her...face.

4.  Sometimes I forget just how dang awesome I am at certain types of crafty things.  Around this time of year I generally find reasons to push up my shirtsleeves, get down to business, and impress myself.

5.  Cookies.  (See opening paragraph.)

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