Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We are in Washington today.  Also probably for the next couple of days.  That is how we do things.

There was some sprinkling this morning, followed by a bit of shy sun.  There's a rooster stalking around outside, a cow grazing in the back yard, and a dog the size of a small horse sticking his nose into everything.  I did some weeding in the garden and picked some peas, and there will be steak for dinner.  These are the good times, and they are rolling.

Izzy walked around all morning, pointing at Grandma's things and saying, "Wow!  Whoa!" When either of the dogs comes up to her, she sticks out her hand and says, "Sit." (This she learned from our next door neighbor, who has a dog that actually listens to commands.)  One of her cousins filled Izzy's hair with dirt and grass seeds, so that means a bath later tonight.  Pretty much Izzy is having a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we are going to pick blackberries.  They will be delicious, and some of them will probably end up as a pie.

Ha ha, woo!

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