Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who needs transitions.

Man, August; what a lame blogging month.

I pulled out my old trumpet earlier this week and tootled around a bit.  My range is pretty much completely gone, but it still left my lips pleasantly tingly.  Nobody can kiss the way a trumpet can.

We painted two more rooms this morning, which leaves two left.  Sigh....  I cannot tell if that is a sigh of relief or a sigh of despair.  This project is taking FOREVER but it is entirely worth it.  I will post pictures Tuesdayish, after some furniture and whatnot gets moved around.

I am reading me some Diana Wynne Jones (Chronicles of Chrestomanci) and can I just say once again how sorry I am that she's dead?  This stuff is great.

In other news, I am doing something rather daring next week.  I am going to dye my hair for the first time.  Maybe this is a bad idea?  Maybe it is a good idea but I chose a bad color?  WHO KNOWS.  The good thing about hair is that for most people (particularly women my age) it grows back.  Anyway, you should be in complete suspense.  Also you should tell me what color you would like to see my head just in case it turns out terrible* and I need to change it ASAP but am too depressed to pick out anything for myself.  That is what friends are for.

*The English major inside me thinks that "terrible" should be in adverb form here but the normal person inside me is all, "NO.  People don't talk like that.  At least not Americans."  So as a compromise we are leaving a footnote, acknowledging the difference of opinion.

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KHK said...

Ahh. I found rainbow-pony-fairydust hair, which would be a great follow-up to any slight error, and Ariel-hair, which would also be awesome.