Friday, September 9, 2011

My new best friend.

Izzy and I have a new bike.  She is beautiful (I'm guessing it is a she even though it is blue).  I don't have a name for her yet, but I'm thinking about it.  You can think about it too.

Izzy likes to bring me our helmets.  Matt says it is good that she associates helmets with bike riding, and I agree.  Brains are pretty important to our family.

We have gone out almost every day this week (sometimes twice).  It's really convenient to have Izzy up front with me, except for when I have to duck under trees or when she decides that she would rather steer.  So far no accidents, though.  It is her job to ring the bell.

We need a basket.


Sahara said...

That bike seat is seriously awesome. Lovely bike!

KHK said...

Your smile is only made more stunningly beautiful by the lacquered blue mushroom on your head.

I Study Sticks said...

If I had a bike I would name it Shivering Timbers... or Chad. Then again, what would I name my cat if I called it Chad?
P.S. A bike helmet once saved my brains... but I'm not sure I was ever really using 'em in the first place. I think I'd rather have the teeth.

Helene said...

Are you going to get a bike trailer? I love mine.