Tuesday, June 2, 2009

coolest thing ever

Okay, so pretty much the coolest thing ever was watching my baby on the ultrasound and having the technician point out all the little parts.

This is the baby's profile, which was a little bit difficult to get. It's hard to get a child so young to cooperate in photos...you know how it is.

Here we have a picture of the little feet. Baby was kicking around an awful lot, which was awesome to watch.

And this might be my favorite picture:

Can you see both of the little legs just frozen mid-wiggle? I can!

And also, baby is a girl. Woo!


Holly Noelle said...

Hey! I guessed right! Woot! And many many congrats!

imemary said...

I do believe you were the only correct guesser. My fondness for potatoes misled many a person.

Holly Noelle said...

Fondness for potatoes? What, craving potatoes is supposed to = boy? Well, potatoes were one of the only things I craved...and I'm pretty sure Lucy is a girl. :p