Friday, February 26, 2010

Egads, what is that thing?!

So last night Izzy is tootling around on the floor, you know, doing baby things, when I see a little black fuzzy something on her face.  It looked like mascara goop, only Izzy doesn't wear mascara because it's not age appropriate.  I go to pick up what I think is a lint ball when I notice that it has legs...eight of them.

It was a SPIDER!  On my BABY!  ON HER FACE!

Needless to say I killed it.  Crushed it with my bare thumb and forefinger, because it was too small to use my whole hand.

I picked her up and have been eying the floor with suspicion ever since.


The Boob Nazi said...

I just shivered reading this story.I still am shivering. AHHHH

C Stevens said...

Today I shaved my legs for church. Right as I finish, I turn to see Max with the razor in his mouth! AH!!
He escaped with out harm but I am tempted to throw out all razors.
This world is a scary place for little ones.