Sunday, February 7, 2010

internet arguments

So, I've pretty much always been of the opinion that arguing on the internet is a bad idea, because even if you win you sort of also lose. But what if someone gets up in yo' face and leaves trash in your comments and scuttles your boat? Do you lay the smackdown or what?

Since I'm pretty sure that my posts are too vanilla to raise anyone's ire, I've never experienced what I've heard called the ever-ominous internet "troll." Probably the most inflammatory comment I could get would be something like, "Your baby is ugly!" to which I would respond with a prompt rebuttal of "LIES!" and that would basically be that.

So internet-trolls, don't expect to get a rise out of me. Most likely I will just ignore you; at best I will be delighted to get a comment on my pathetic little corner of the interwebs. I guess that's what I'm saying. Everyone is welcome here!

...Except for spambots. Those guys aren't human and therefore deserve all the smackdown I can muster.


Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

I've only ever gotten problems on one of my sites. So I installed a fancy commenting system that overrides the Blogger comment system. That way I can block people by their IP Address. I don't mind dissent, but obvious trolling gets blocked. I've only had to block one person thus far.

The most obnoxious comments I've gotten on my main blog are the "hey, come look at my blog/giveaway/whatever" comments that aren't related to anything I've said. Those tick me off to no end. I promptly delete them because they're no better than SPAM.

The Boob Nazi said...

I had someone tell me that I can't tell people not to say the word "retard" because I offend Jews who've had family die in the Holocaust. I was like, UMMM I HAD FAMILY DIE IN THE HOLOCAUST. BAM.
And, indeed, HOW COULD YOU NOT COMMENT?!?!? hahaha