Saturday, February 13, 2010

...thus saith the Lord!

We have been making our way through the Old Testament as a family and have made it all the way up to Jeremiah so far. Every once in a while ("once in a while" meaning pretty much every few verses) a verse will say, "thus saith the Lord" and then I'm lost. My mind is far away with the movie "The Prince of Egypt," and in my head I'm singing the plague song only I don't know really know the lyrics so it goes like this:

...Once I called you brother; something something something here go words; all I ever wanted! thussaiththeLordthussaiththeLordthussaiththeLordthussaiththeLord
...Let my people GOOOO!"

So I'm lost to the world doing this, except then I hear the phrase again and then the whole thing starts over.

Here is the actual song for reference, just in case you are a heathen!! and don't know what I'm talking about. That's right...Mom.

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C Stevens said...

I finally found you too! I love this post. I often get stuck on something while reading the scriptures and realize I missed the rest of the verse/page/chapter.