Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trip, woohoo!

Tomorrow Matt, Izzy, and I are going to Orlando. We went this time last year, too! No, we are not rich folk who just take off on mere whimsy, and if we were we would probably not go to Florida. It's the annual SPIE conference, and the acronym is something French so we don't actually know what it stands for. If Matt's going, though, it probably has at least a little bit to do with radars. He will spend most of his time doing stuff that is boring. I will be spending most of my time in the hotel with Izzy, also doing boring things, but at least we'll be able to check out the pool. Not a terribly exciting trip...but hey, pool! I am excited about that.

Also, this will be Izzy's first time in a plane. I'm a bit nervous and whatnot, but it'll be cool. We will all survive the trip, even if it kills us.

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C Stevens said...

Fun! When Curtis traveled for work, Max and I would tag along sometimes. We too were stuck in hotels a lot of the time. It was nice to have a change though.