Monday, June 14, 2010

One of life's little ironies, I suppose.

Friday morning I had one of the most delightful runs of my life.  It was satisfying and just at the edge of my comfort range, but I felt like I could have gone on forever.  I was running and smiling, for crying out loud.  NOBODY does that.

Since I was doing well and had met my race goal, I felt a reward was in order.  So, later on that day I went out shopping and got myself some genuine, certified, bona fide running clothes.  Woo!

Unfortunately, I do not know when I will get to use those new clothes because later that same day it became apparent that I had developed bursitis in my hip.  I am off the running until it goes away. :(  Also, since I'm not going very far and not going very hard, I must be doing something horrendous with my form to have sustained such an injury.  That's something I probably ought to correct, if I can just figure it out.

Here's to a fast recovery! ...I hope!

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