Saturday, June 19, 2010

We love the outsideness

We went to a carillon concert on Thursday, and we have decided that pretty much it was the best kind of concert ever.  We were outside, listening to a BELL TOWER, for crying out loud.  Nobody cared if we were noisy, we could move around as much as we wanted, there was nothing to see (and therefore nothing to miss), AND we got to eat fried chicken.

Izzy was a huge fan.  (Of the chicken, at least; I don't know what she thought of the music.)

Good times were had by all and sundry.

(On a side note, we saw a play yesterday called "Bells are Ringing."  It was nothing like the carillon concert (inside, stationary, shush-y, no chicken), and had no bells whatsoever, but it was still a worthy, if vastly different source of entertainment.)

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