Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today was Izzy's birthday.  We snuggled a lot, had a nice bath, went on a walk and ate some cheese...all things that people should do on their birthdays.  The real celebration won't be until Saturday, though, when family can come over for cake and presents.  It will be good times, yes?

Izzy got two presents today, however.  One was a treasure chest full of gauzy fabrics to play with, and the other was a brand new girl cousin (born at 3:12 AM).  I hope she doesn't mind sharing her birthday.

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Mishie Moo said...

Yay for Izzy! I hope she enjoyed her birthday. I would love to come to festivities on Saturday, but that turned out to be the best time to celebrate my own birth. But I still love you guys!