Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stream of Consciousness

So...I am really into playing Scrabble via facebook these days.  And winning at it, let's be honest.  I get sad when my letters don't play well together.

In honor of the fall season I am thinking about doing a pumpkin craft, but I haven't gotten around to it.  I like making things but I have to be really in the groove in order for it to happen.  Also I am afraid to go to the craft store to pick up the things I need because I always (always always) end up buying more than I planned and then I feel sheepish and ashamed.

I dyed my hair a vibrant red and so maybe I should be a matchstick for Halloween.  One that is on fire.  But then what would Matt be?  What goes with a flaming matchstick?  Maybe a marshmallow or something.

Izzy had a birthday (yay for being two!) and we got a Costco cake.  We have enough cake to last until Matt's birthday in January I think.  But since I love cake so much we'll probably get more anyway, and then we'll get fat.  I believe there is a correlation.

Bloopity bloo, blog for you!  That's my poem for the day.

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