Sunday, April 10, 2011

Almost forgot the title

No Sweat Log this week (obviously) because I am taking a break from the exercising for a bit, for reasons that are probably good and now enticingly secret.

However, I will show you pictures of the froofy dress that my mom and I made for Izzy.  We did not have a pattern, but this tutorial helped us figure a few things out.  It is a very pink dress.

I did most of the sewing, Mom did most of the cutting, and we both made a few mistakes.  I won't tell you what they were so that you can imagine that the dress is perfect.

 Bonus! Pajama pants with scalloped bottoms:

THAT'S RIGHT.  We made those too.


michelliebean said...

Oh em geee for cuteness! I love the dress! And what enticing secret do you have????

toni said...

I KNEW it! Can't lie to me NOW!

imemary said...

The reason is not what you are thinking, Toni.