Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Sweat Log: Goldilocks and The Treadmill

I think that I have run on a treadmill once, perhaps twice, in my entire life.  That was before this week, anyway.  Now I can chalk up another three times!  Woo...

It was kind of weird, I'm not gonna lie.  The machine came with some memory cards that had preprogrammed workouts on them narrated by one of the Biggest Loser coaches. So I tried one of those, and it was basically a power walk.  Eh.  I'm sure they get harder, but I don't like it when people who can't see what I'm doing tell me I'm doing a great job.  How do they know?

Next time I tried one of the presets on the machine: Burn 250 calories in 20 minutes!  It didn't sound difficult, but the pace was definitely too fast for me to really sustain.  By the end I was so tired that when the (desperately needed) cool down came up, I threw my arms up in gratitude and ended up yanking off the emergency stop key.  So instead of a cool down I just sort of bent over and stumbled around for a while.  Ah ha ha, no.

The third attempt went better.  I just pushed the 5mph button and put an episode of Futurama up on the Netflix, and ran till the credits were over.  Pretty much I picked Futurama because it is 22 minutes long.  When I get this treadmill thing down better maybe I'll move up to Monty Python episodes (30 minutes) and after that perhaps X Files (44 minutes).

Other notes:  I think I need to get some other barefoot running shoes. I normally wear my Vibrams, but they are sort of crusted in California sand so I do not wish to wear them inside.  The first day I just didn't wear shoes at all, but that made my feet feel funny in a hurty sort of way.  The other days I wore normal running shoes but those made my feet feel weird in a whole different way.  Huh.  Also, getting off the treadmill is like getting off a boat.  It makes walking feel kind of goofy.

To sum up: Day one was too slow, day two was too fast, but day three was juuuuust right.  And then I got eaten by a bear.


C Stevens said...

Those Bears!
Sounds like you are back in Utah again. I guess I haven't been around the computer in a week or two.
Love the hair!
What does Izzy do while you run? I think Max would try to get on the treadmill with me. he really likes to play on his grandma's. Mostly he uses it for his cars and other toys. Seems to make a great marble game.

imemary said...

Izzy stays upstairs with Matt so that we don't have any tragic accidents. I should probably just run while she's sleeping, though.