Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race day!

Today was the Rex Lee Run, and it is established tradition that we go.  We went when we got engaged, we went when I was pregnant and sickly, and we went this year with the baby in tow.  I'm not much of a runner, though, so pretty much it's an expensive walk.  Regardless, I put on my race shoes (which, surprisingly, do not glow in the dark), put my baby in a bear suit, and away we went. 

Izzy slept for the first part of the "race," but woke up after awhile since I'm quite terrible at steering and went over quite a few bumpy bits.  She mostly seemed delighted to be out and about with all the strangers, though, so there was no crying.  We even found Grandpa, which despite the large crush of people was not very difficult.  (He's 6'4" and was wearing a bright yellow hat....)

The run was fun, but it turns out that despite being shapely I am quite out of shape.  Maybe when it gets warmer Izzy and I will do purposeful exercisey things more often.

Matt can come too.