Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Sweat Log: The shiv was probably hidden in cake.

Well, this week I only did about 5.5 miles.  Something feels weird inside where my internal organs are, like nothing is attached to anything else and maybe my uterus is carrying a shiv to stab the others.  On one of my runs I had to stop and give the stabber (whoever it might be) a stern talking to.  On a different run it was my butt doing the back talking.  Or butt talking.  So there is mutiny all around!

Due to bodily protest, instead of doing a third run this week I did interval training.  My brother suggested this as it might help me increase my lung capacity.  15 seconds of sprinting, followed by 40 seconds of walking, seven times.  I figured this would be fast and easy, and YES, it was very fast.  A fast way to want to die.  The first sprint was liberating and fun.  On the last one I thought my legs were going to give out and I would have to crawl back to the house.  Awesome!  I will probably do this again.

Also in the haps this week: stretching.  I am about as flexible as a ruler.  Toes here I come!

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C Stevens said...

I feel very dry and comfortable every time I read the heading "Sweat Log".