Wednesday, May 5, 2010

real dinner with real folks

Yesterday I got to get very dressed up with fancy hair and makeup and everything because Matt and I went on a double date!  Izzy was our fifth wheel, but she did not detract from the enjoyment of spending quality time with other adults.  My nice clothes even made it through the evening relatively unscathed, despite the fact that I have not yet mastered the art of placing food well out of a baby's reach.  (She managed to stick both her hands into my bowl of chowder, which made her cry and made me sad.  After a very little while we were both okay and I still ate the soup.)

Did I mention the free drinks?  No?  Well, apparently I am a free drink magnet.  I ordered an unusual drink (vanilla lemonade) just to see what it was like, and our waitress was very hesitant to bring it to me because she thought it did not sound delicious.  Just to make sure I was happy, she also brought a raspberry lemonade.  Later she came back and said something like, "You know what's really good?  Our raspberry-vanilla Italian sodas.  It's like what you have now only different.  Let me bring you one....No, it's okay that you can't drink them all, I'll just bring a little one."  Unfortunately, all three drinks were very sweet, so I mostly stuck to the water.  ...Oh fine, I also ate the whipped cream off the Italian soda.

In other news, I am figuring out how to use spreadsheets again, and it is sort of like doing magic.  I am maybe a little too excited.

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Little Messy Missy said...

Free drinks are always good!