Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There had better be more like this or spring is fired!

Today it is so beautiful outside, I just wanna lay in the grass and sleep with a book over my head.  (I can't really do that, though, mostly because of Izzy but also because the last time I did that the sun melted the book binding and all the pages fell out.)  The sun is shining, there are cool breezes and pretty clouds, and I'm pretty sure the house is surrounded by musical, non-Hitchcockian birds.  (Where were they when I needed them?!)

I hope the weather is this pleasant this weekend so that we can go HIKING on a nearby mountain!  Also we could do some CAMPING!...in the backyard.  I think that still counts.  Hooray for outside!

If I could put today in a jar with some air holes and a twig and then keep it in my room, I would. 

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Sahara said...

That last sentence is the best.