Monday, May 31, 2010

Running is its own reward...

Today was RACE DAY! It was a somewhat bittersweet experience. The race was reeeaaaallllly small, so I was in actual danger of being dead last. However, they did medals based on gender and age groups, so depending on how many other women there were aged 20-24, I still had a shot.

The route was a lot more uphilly than I had anticipated, but I powered through and ran all the way to the finish line. I even sprinted the last bit, because that's what you DO at a race! My goal was to finish in 35 minutes, and I had at least 5 seconds to spare. Woohoo! So pretty much that was the sweet part: I ran the whole, did not die, made my goal time, AND beat maybe four other people.

The bitter part is just sort of petty... Both Matt and his dad ran the race, too, and they both ended up getting 2nd place medals in their divisions (yup, second out of two). Technically, I beat Matt. Even though we ran the whole time together (and in a real race he would have won hands down), I caught him off guard with my last-minute sprinting. But there were a lot more folks my age than his age running, so my great effort went un-medaled.

So Matt and his dad both got medals and I didn't. Fine, whatever, go them! But at the end of the race there was a raffle. And remember that this was a really small race, so there was a good chance I would win a prize. I didn't, but you know who did? Matt. AND his dad.


Whatever, dudes, next year I'll win the race and I'll win the best prize. Wait and see.

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Sahara said...

that made me laugh a bit.