Thursday, February 3, 2011

In an old people house.

Here are the haps.

Monday:  We drove to Las Vegas, getting stuck behind a porn truck on our way to the Circus Circus hotel.  Pretty much that was gross.  The hotel itself wasn't too bad.  I mean, clowns are pretty creepy and I had to use The-Little-Shower-That-Could (it tried so hard), but it was cheap and there was a bed.  Also a breakfast buffet.

Tuesday:  We finished the drive to the general area of San Luis Obispo.  We made it to our temporary house and picked out bedrooms.  I should mention that there is another family (with two little boys) and a grandfatherly fellow staying here too.  Izzy likes Henry best (the baby) and Porter (2 1/2) likes to say "No Izzy!" a lot.  We'll see if they become better friends.  Unfortunately, the house has a distinct old people know, moldy potpourri emanating from some undisclosed location.  Probably it is coming from all the knick knacks.  

Wednesday:  I went around the house, moving things out of a little person's reach and unplugging phones.  Also we watched "Groundhog Day" in honor of the February Second.  It's a great movie, amiright or amiright or amiright? Right. Right. Right.

Thursday (today):  Izzy did the most spectacular projectile vomiting I have ever seen.  It was super surprising, AND impressive.  She is feeling much better now and humming to herself.

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