Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mary of Green California

I am in LOVE with these blue skies.  It is a little weird to come from cold, white Utah to warm, sunny California, but I think I am handling the change fairly well.  I am handling it with milkshakes.

Izzy and I go on walks just about every day.  There are horses down the street that she is slightly afraid of, but she has learned how to run (goofily) so she can get away from them fast-ish if she wants to.  Also we met some neighbor kids with really cool bikes.  Izzy is jealous, but fortunately she has a tiny memory and forgets about them once we get back inside.

I am reading the "Anne of Green Gables" series for the first time and it is hilarious!  I haven't seen the movies either, so apparently I have been deprived all my life.  All of it.  Little girl Mary has missed so much.  Don't tell me how anything ends, you rascally readers.


matt said...

I think she dies ...?

jill said...

I read the Anne series last winter for the first time and really really loved it. My favorites is probably Anne of the Island. Shame on Matt for ruining it for you! Hahaha.

Also I am so jealous of you and your blue skies, though we did have some today. Enjoy California!