Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday Sweat Log: The Belated Edition

I know it is not Saturday.  It is Monday.  It is a holiday, even, so perhaps everybody is taking a vacation from reading blogs.  If not, though, perhaps you will be interested to know that I ran almost SIX miles last week?  Or that I saw a dead rabbit in the road and had to run around it twice?  Maybe you will be intrigued when I tell you that the road smells like a hamster cage, but that that is probably due more to the scent of wood shavings than to a pack of wild, especially neat rodents?

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad side ache didn't kick in till almost twenty minutes of running.  And I have also decided that perhaps "running" is perhaps too generous a term for what it is that I do.  Until I get under ten-minute miles, I suppose I'm more of a jogger.  Jog-a-log on the blog-a-log!

You know what are good at running?  ANTS.  Specifically the ants in our kitchen.  I suppose they are nature's way of telling us that we have too many delicious things in this house.  Or nature's way of telling us that we have too many ants in this house.  But that seems fairly obvious.

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