Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Sweat Log: Triumphant return!

Okay, so this thing had sort of fallen by the wayside, but it's back.  Getting back into running was one of my New Year's resolutions, and I've actually been doing okay.  Attempting, anyway.  All through the bitterly cold January I ran at least twice a my house using the Wii.  So, not real running but as close as I was willing to get.  Here in California the weather is so sunshiney beautiful that it's hard NOT to get out and explore.  I think I ran about 5 miles this week, with the intent to improve.

My legs don't hurt and my clothes and shoes are comfortable, but my breathing could use a lot of work.  After about ten minutes I get a huge side ache that feels like my rib has broken and is stabbing me in the kidney.  Um, boo.  Maybe I need to do more sit ups so that my organs stay in place and don't jostle around while I'm running.  Or maybe I need an oxygen tank.  Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?

Izzy made a jelly bean-sized poop earlier but I now believe that she has finished her masterpiece, so I have to go take care of business.  Ciao.


C Stevens said...

Thank you for the wonderful card. It was such a surprise.
I am wondering what you are doing in California. I noticed you had a Utah address on the envelope but it had post office stamps from CA.

toni said...

I want to see you running with an oxygen tank

michelliebean said...

I have a similar problem with the breathing. If I really concentrate on making my sucking in breath last for three footfalls it helps with that. Seems like Wendy (the running goddess) told me once that those painful side aches are caused by lack of oxygen so if you work really hard at prolonging your in breaths it should help. :)