Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some topics, some pictures, you know.

I know one person who lives in this part of the world, and I ran into her at the Ross in San Luis Obispo.  Talk about coincidence!  It was sort of awesome.  Partly because of the random meeting, and partly because Ross generally has clothes that are reasonably stylish for a reasonable price.  Sometimes for an unreasonable price (like $3.50!) which is even better.  So anyway, I bought some stuff and I'll let you see it sometime if you want.  Yay!

So here are some pictures of the house.  Just a few, but they may give you an idea as to its general character.

We have the Bibles, crosses, and ashtrays.

 These pictures are in a long, dark hallway.  There are more of them scattered (clustered) throughout the house.

This is the oven we have to use.  The inside may or may not be large enough for a casserole dish.

And here is my favorite, the wallpaper in one of the bathrooms:

The other bathroom is silver with shiny butterflies.

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Sahara said...

Oh, the bathrooms definitely win!